Friday, June 21, 2019

Snark and Circumstance

Nothing like 365 days or more to make a post! I bet some of you thought I had perished into the earth like a deteriorating pile of poo.

Well, I cannot comment.

However, you might be happy to know my Bug has graduated and is set to go the Navy. She took home so many honors and awards that it was overwhelming pride from all of us. I have been looking back at the Momster sagas with that kiddo and even though we had and still have our ups and downs, I am beaming with joy and pride.

That's a pretty good feeling when you send off your offspring to be on their own. Scary, too. Like a mama birdie praying her little ones learn how to fly and don't hit the branches below.

I realize that might be a wee bit morbid way of looking at it.

But, LIFE IS SCARY. At least looking outwardly for my little one. She is still a baby in my eyes. I am a little anxious as to what changes she will endure when she goes to boot camp and what she will be like upon return.

I can only pray for the best.

At least when she becomes a doctor, I can trust she will definitely choose to wing me around in a wheelchair before she ships me off, rather than deal with my whiny armchair quarterbacking. Literally.

I do not look forward to aging just yet. I still have to find the younger version of myself. The 50s have not been kind to me. It's like pulling a rip cord on an inflatable raft. What happened to metabolism? What happened to my knees.

It's true. I can no longer work that side job as it has taken too much out of me. All that kneeling and stuff. It's a good thing I am not Catholic either. I certainly would need a couple helpers to get up.

So, I have decided to put up my collection of fur stilettos and fuck me pumps up for sale on Ebay. Please bid high. I'm destitute.

Anyhoozle, plans to post more often are commencing. I am warning you in advance. Snark to continue.

Happy 1st Day of Summer!


  1. Congratulations to Bug (and her super mom!).

  2. GO NAVY! Bring back a WOMAN. I am happy for both of you.