Monday, June 11, 2018

Teenaged Madness

Sometimes I wonder what to make of people. There are glimpses of events which make me think we have lost our humanity and have become so desensitized that we may never come back. Then there is that one act of kindness.

The teenager fools me at times with these behaviors. There is that one glance of humanoid-ness and then ALIENS!

I believe they have come for her and will not return her to earth until she is about, say...25. That's about the number. I wonder if she will remember anything.

In the meantime, I predict 7 more years of suffering. I better brace myself. You never really know how strange or off your kiddo is until you describe them to someone else. They nod. So, it's a thing with all parents.

I mean, it is an awkward stage. They are too young to do the things they want to do and too old to do the other things they miss. Who can blame them for having their mind channeling mixed up?

Well,  I blame them. LOL. FIGURE IT OUT. Please and Thank You.

And another thing: they maintain a messy room. Why? In case someone breaks in, then they trip and can be dealt with accordingly instead of sneaking up on you. I guess I cannot blame her rationalization. Pretty brilliant.

Yet, it stinks. Literally. 


  1. Take comfort someday your grandchildren will be teenagers and you will have vicarious revenge.

  2. Their body and minds are in a real flux of change, going from kids to young adults. It is very confusing for them. The are yearning for freedom and respect for their judgments, but don't show that maturity. Of course you never went through that phase... just ask your mom. The best way to beat this is to lock them in a basement until 35 years old. Electric shock works, too. Or make her watch The View on television.