Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Storm Pussies

Storms bother me still, but I have been trying to grow accustomed to the difference in real storms in Indiana where you could virtually die versus Wyoming 5 Minute Rain Attacks. 

Take Sunday for instance. It was a beautiful 80 degree day and as the weather cooled off a little, I decided to go for my five mile run. Happy May Day! I think my Facebook status at 10:14 pm said it all:

Reasons to check your forecast before running:

1. Accuweather is not my friend. "Light rain in 5 minutes." Accuweather, it was torrential rain and lightning. I started sprinting the last 2 miles home being as I was stuck on the country road. Luckily it was still 60 degrees. You don't get a pass because of the temperature.

2. I am sure I felt hail because that was some fierce rain if not. So Accuweather, it was fat rain.

3. The lightning was every 20 seconds which is bad bad. Accuweather, you failed to say fire from the sky. 

4. My music skipped from Volbeat "A Warrior's Call" to my dad's playlist of Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire." I say skipped and it is an iPhone, so what does that tell you? Accuweather, you forgot to tell me subliminal messages were coming. 

5. Accuweather, you forgot to check in with Jesus. I think God was trying to tell me something.

Anyway, that is the fastest I have run those last two miles in my life. The first three were awesome. I almost died. Not really.

At the same time, my child was putting a status on her Facebook page: 

When thunderstorms happen-
Normal people: "grab Teddy bears and hide under blankets covering their ears"
Me: "opens all windows and curtains in my bedroom and laying on my bed like I'm about to make a snow angel and grinning like a child on Christmas"

Now, the funny thing is...30 minutes later she was hiding in our basement screaming at me to come down there because there was a tornado warning 30 miles away.  After I did not respond as a normal Momster would have and just tried to ignore the banshee wails, she called me, begging me to get in the basement so I wouldn't die. I told her my goodbyes and went to sleep. I heard her dragging all her belongings back up the stairs about 30 minutes later. 

We will not go quietly into that good night. We will scream and shout our way through it. 


  1. So, "If I am going to die, it will be in my own damn bed." sort of sums up your tornado watch reactions?


    1. Yes, Bill. There is no Netflix nor nice cushy beds down there. It's like glamping and I didn't feel like it. LOL

  2. Weather reports are only moderately accurate on a good day. I remember shoveling three feet of "partly cloudy" off my deck last winter.

    1. LOL. Love your humor. I agree. I have tried to find one true and accurate and find them all a little flawed. I guess its that kind of work anyway. Who can read clouds, right?

  3. Momma Fargo:
    I also had to "adapt" to INDIANA weather, being from Philadelphia (I call it Indiana "WHETHER", though...as in WHETHER or not the forecast will change every THREE minutes instead of every FIVE.
    Love your solution to tornado alerts.
    (sounds familiar...lol)
    A shame Bug got so schizoid over it, however. Hope she comes to know the differences between ALERTS, WARNINGS, and the "real deal".
    Took me a while to get that gig down.

    Good post.
    Stay safe down there, dear.