Thursday, March 31, 2016

Basic People

Have you ever had a day when the planets don't align? I think those days happen when teenage hormones go awry. It's like everything is whacked.

Last night Bug was unbearable. Sassy. I can't handle the sass. Now many will say I am too intolerant and strict. Well, I don't want to raise an asshole, so poop on the haters. She is a great kid and gets A's and wears a purity ring and keeps her moral ground even with the peer pressure. It's just those moments when she gets too big for her britches. I snap inside. It's like my hot button.

Those who criticize this generation seem to forget who raised it. I know. I know. It's all my fault. But still. I think my fingers are whining.

This time, I just took her phone away and went upstairs and got my jammies on and went to bed. I had to drown out the sobbing and whining with visions of sugar plums in my head and it wasn't even Christmas time. At 7 freaking thirty. I am such a loser. I mean, who does that? I didn't want to deal.

Today's a new day, right? Nope. It's raining. I don't want to deal. I thought a night of snooze would decompress me, but for some reason I woke up grumpy. I do not relish these days because I boast of being mostly positive with a lot of snark.

Don't be basic, Fargo. Get up and get out there. Make something of yourself.

So...I put my big girl panties on and headed to work. It has been a trying day there, too. Special snowflakes all day. Parade wave and a lot of NOs in the room.

Enter the "ex" *shudder*. He has been a world class dick today, but it is to be expected and I should now be used to it. It's just the cherry. My dick is bigger than your dick. Yep. I challenge all y'alls because I can honestly say that figuratively speaking.

I think I'm going to run a lot tonight at the gym.


  1. I would keep my distance and sympathize later. Someone almost hurt my feeling once, too.

  2. Jono, great advice. I disappeared for awhile and the world righted itself. For now