Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good

We hang our head low today at The Harry Potter House. I write this with callused keyboard hands because I am still in the work force. I did not win the lottery. Maybe I should aspire to becoming a famous YouTuber. It would probably yield higher results.

Mourning heavily and carrying on with much devastation over the loss of Professor Snape is also in the works here. He passed away today. For reals. RIP Alan Rickman.


We (Bug, The Momster) are super over the top crazy nauseating and full force ridiculous Harry Potter Fans. Books. Movies. The Magic of it. Fantasy. Moral lessons. All of it. When I brought her into the house for the first time, she squealed with joy that we had a "Harry Potter" closet. I didn't even notice the resemblance until she said something. She would open it and get in there and play. Now it is stuffed with junque. I need to clean and organize it pronto.

The house then became forever known as The Harry Potter House. Now it just needs a paint job on the outside to match. Brown. Ok, maybe I won't go that far. We were working on a Colonial Blue with Civil War (grayish) trim, Jefferson White porch, and a Dragon Red screen door. Not a flag type house, but a contemporary spin of the era it was born. Spring-Summer project.

Colonial Blue
The colors in this image are my inspiration. Civil War gray is the trim color around this door. I looks so gloomy. But wait until I get it on the house! It will be spectacular!

The pressure of Hogwarts Honor classes are taking a toll on Bug. I fear she has inherited her mother's overachieving ways and makes an emotional wreckage of cramming nights and test days. At least three days prior to a test, I see her unravel. I, myself, did not study in high school. BUT...I still got upset if I got a B. It was college where this anxiety of testing and failure came into play. Maybe because it was real life stuff and I did not adult until later. Actually, I'm not there yet. It's a problem for me.

As for me and my woes, I've discovered the Antarctic cold temperatures are not that bad but I did enjoy the balmy 50 degree winter we were having or prolonged Indian Summer, if you will. No more running outside for me. I seek the gym. In Wyoming, I recall running outside even in my Carharts. They added extra weight. What a dweeb. Now that I am an older type pussy, I look forward to the running track where I can sweat without succumbing to becoming a frozen Popsicle inside my winter wardrobe.

I have to go find my funny. Rest in peace, Professor Snape. Your outstanding roles and screen greats will be remembered as classics some day and you will surely be missed by all your fans and Hollyweird.

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