Monday, November 2, 2015

The Greek Chubs

The closer I get to 50, the more I realize I am farther from 29. But who wants to think a 50 year old body can't behave like a 29 year old one? Well, no one. Reality? It does not exist. Who says? Me, for instance. My mind is decades behind my body as far as age and perspective.

After being in Greece for 8 days, I have adjusted back to American life. However, I am kicking and screaming all the way. The weather. The food. The life. It's all different! Erg.

But the freedom and casual life has been restored and work is in progress. Oh, I must either hit the lottery or be discovered. Yeah. Ok. So none of that is going to happen. Work it is. How many pennies do I have to pinch to save for a trip of a lifetime?

Yes, I need to win the lottery. BUT...I have to play to win. Ah, well, it was but a dream.

Being gone for several days did not leave me terribly homesick, but I did miss my daughter and my puppies and my family and friends. I knew I would see them again so I had to NOT waste one minute abroad. planes the US...finally.

It's funny how the first 5 minutes upon entry to the front room to your home, your daughter globs onto you and tells you how much she missed you and  you feel loved....only to sass and backtalk several minutes later like you never left. It's so good that she is comfortable with her mother.

Or...the awkward arrival home to The Harry Potter House but it feels strange. It just took a few days to settle in.

And so did the Greek chubs. I gorged on the good Mediterranean life. And cheese. They have cheese at every meal and not to my dismay. I think it is the new chocolate. Hmmm mmm good. Me belly.!! Regrets? Yes! I should have ate more fried cheese balls with honey and sesame...and baklava...and emek.

Luckily, I chose mostly to walk around and didn't gain too much. I did lose my endurance and picking up running has been a challenge.  Needless to say, I am no Greek goddess, but in my mind, I look like this...

As well as the fitness goes so goes physical therapy. It has been a pending problem I chose to hold off until my arrival back home from Greece. My left side is numb and has been so for a few weeks. And the pain is almost unbearable when I try to use it above my shoulder. You can imagine my hair dos.
And so I struggle. "They" say I should be better once traction and massages release the pinched nerves. Oy. Release already. I can't afford to look like Phyllis Diller anymore.

So, it's time to be a mother again, shave off my big fat ass, and try to turn the clocks back. I'm not so worried about aging that I won't respect aging gracefully. Wait. Correction. I might fight it somewhat. With a little healthy choices.

Back to that Mediterranean diet....

And for the next week...we will have Greek fall weather. Bonus!

Oh, and in case you are wondering...the Greeks became fascinated with anatomy and nakedness and capturing movement in statues. All the Greeks are beautiful people.

Sound random? Sure. But everyone has to wonder about these things. I have more random. It abounds. Besides being masters of fresh food, they were obsessed with sex and nakedness during the Hellenistic period.

As I passed some of the great statuary, I was worried I was going to get my eyes poked out by some of those uncircumcised penises. It was quite dangerous. I can see why some of the women had big eyes.


  1. Greece, a fun place to visit, but if you lived there it would be the same-o, same-o after a few months. Life doesn't change, just the scenery. Welcome home.

  2. Momma Fargo:
    Glad you;re home safe and sound.
    As to the aches...yeah, we all get 'em.
    I'm the one who would tell the doc: "If I got some pinched nerves, just find a way to DEADEN them!"

    I mean, if it hurts to lift my arm over my shoulder, then KILL the damn nerves that cause that particular pain. I think I can live WITHOUT them, if they're gonna hurt me out the wazoo.

    Good post.

    Stay safe down there, dear