Sunday, November 29, 2015

Being Mediocre

This weekend, I had a revelation. Charles M. Schulz was my father. I don't know why I didn't research this at a younger age so I could have met him before he passed away. This is really tragic and yet I found the answer to my black cloud.

I am Charlie Brown, only the girl version. Charlie can be a unisex name and I believe my father made him a boy in his comics because at that time, no one would read about a girl version. My university colors were even brown and gold. I even have the same brown man shoes.  Every episode is my life in some parallel universe.

I have three Snoopies.

Every day I walk into work, the office manager talks about my black cloud. She even looks like Lucy and has a jar for advice. It is getting increasingly difficult not to high five her face.

I am not a negative person despite my streak of bad luck. I really couldn't figure it out all these years because the rest of my family are super successful, able to support themselves, and travel the world.

Then there is me. With a genius mind and unending blockades. Or so I feel. My other father, Robert, even called me a "blockhead" as does my brother who looks a lot like Sally.  I have all these great ideas and no backing or no means to carry them out. So I have to remain mediocre.

In all fairness, I still am able to maintain great humor, but it really gets me nowhere except through life's troubles. After 2000, when my father, Charles Schulz passed from this life, I began to fade away in the minds of others, only to be rejuvenated during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas when reruns are popular.

Where did Charlie Brown end up?

In Indiana.


  1. Wait??!!?? Was Pig Pen the police station?

  2. Momma Fargo:
    Hell, we've more in common that I thought.
    (that should scare the yellow off the corn)

    Your father had a GREAT name, BTW (lol)
    I should know (wink,. wink)

    And, I think a LOT of us are a bit "Charlie-Brownian" in nature.
    I don't think of it as being "mediocre", though.

    I figure we're all doing about
    (while Murphy is writing the laws)

    Good post.
    Roll safe down there, Kiddo.