Monday, September 28, 2015

The Balls Are In Your Court

I did not die.


It is true, though, not much funny has been happening around the house. Maybe I need to change that. It seems to be rather melancholy. Yeck. Pooey.

School stuff has been taking over our lives, but volleyball is coming to a close. I do enjoy the games, just not the crazy assed practice times that I am sure Sybill Trelawney created just to keep all of Hogwarts on schedules of massive frenzy. It drives a parent to madness. Yes, it's a short trip for me.

Then along comes a weekend of two weddings? Geesh.

In the middle of this comes my Greece work trip. I'm getting nervous. How silly is it for me at the age of 48 to be traveling overseas to a foreign land for the first time? I don't count Mexico and Canada. A ten hour flight? Egads. I can barely sit still for two. Four hour ones make me cranky. This will be a life changing experience. Then just think of what will happen once I get off the plane.

Ooo. Then Halloween. Fun. SQUIRREL!

October is busy.

Does anyone else have large quantities of chaos in their households? I long for the days of crisp misty mornings, cuddled up next to a fire or in a warm blankie, soaking up knowledge.  OR... perhaps some trashy mindless entertainment from reading books while sipping warm cocoa laced with peppermint schnapps marshmallows. And a dog or two curled up next to me. Yeah. That is the life. I think that is the remedy they use to treat patients in mental institutions as well. Hmmm. Now that's an idea. I look good in white. Kind of angelic, if you will.

But instead, my nose is to the grindstone...looking for a higher paying job...trying to figure out how to pay for grad school next fall all while maintaining the Momster status. Whew. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Add in the fact I signed up for a free program with our Working Well department for a lifestyle and fitness coach. Eek. So has been a great way to keep myself accountable to get to my fighting weight...

Is this too much to aim for?

Public shaming at the scales is the first way to keep me honest. Just like 4-H (only in reverse)...stick your calves on there and hope for the best...feed them well. Don't have one that is underweight. Ok. Maybe this is a different kind of weigh-in.

May the balls be with me.

Yeah. I know. Strange idioms. It means it's up to me and the balls are in my court. (((giggle)))  I said balls.

Soooo...the fitness coach has me buckling down on my food plan. It is working even though I sometimes protest at the exactness in which she fares. I'm not a measuring type of gal. I admit, my estimations are pretty right on, but not every time. When it says 4 oz of meat, I might choose 6 oz. Is that so bad? I don't know. Maybe it's good to give her a good work in progress student.

And as far as working's getting better. I have come to the point that I no longer have to introduce myself each day. I'm there. I love it. I'm in a groove. Thus far, I've lost 7 pounds. The next weigh-in is Wednesday. Maybe it is a little like 4-H...

I just have to be stronger than my excuses which used to dominate me. Erg. What the erpy derp? How do we get to that place where excuses take over and before we know it...we have gotten lost? Beats the hell out of me. Obviously, the balls were no where near me. I was playing air tennis.

I guess I decided I didn't want to think of  I COULDA SHOULDA WOULDA moments. Just fucking do it. Be about it. Don't end your memories with, "I MEANT TO."

There has to be a way without all the money in the world and without all the fixins' to be what and who you want to be in life. I will find a way.

And...why not experience the later half of my life in good health? Yes!

Broccoli rocks! Or so I keep telling myself.

And the side effects? Farts.

I guess I'm going through this rocket propelled. That is the Fargo way.

Hopefully, when I land I have a good parachute.


  1. Stop bitching and enjoy the trip. I wonder, though. If Russia invaded Turkey from the rear, would Greece help?

  2. Coffeypot, Who says I was bitching? I leave that all up to you, girlfriend. :)

  3. Momma Fargo:
    That's JUST what the world (and the Midwest) needs...a rocket-propelled Fargo...LOL!
    Hate to see what happens when you drink your COFFEE with broccoli...

    To quote from some SW movie (that wound up on the cutting room floor for SOME reason):
    May the Farts Be With You
    (as long as you "rock the broc", anyway)

    Roll safe down there, dear.