Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Good Vibrations: A Teenager's First Cheap Thrill

Sometimes our children have moments of discovery which are shared with us. Many are grand, many are not so. Then there are those which are the in betweens. They give the parents speechless moments and deer in the headlights effects.

Bug had such a moment yesterday.

Her Auntie Lana gave her a Fitbit for her birthday which is a big deal. She has wanted one for a long time so she can challenge her mother but they are very expensive and I didn't think she was responsible enough. Well, enter the aunt.

So she was off and running and had that thing set up in no time. She even through away the instructions prior to figuring it out. Sometimes I hate kids. They are so techno.

Volleyball practice came around and she wanted to beat her mother's steps, which at that point in the day was nearly impossible. She was determined. We discussed she should not wear the Fitbit on her wrist during volleyball practice because it would mess up her passes. She agreed. Apparently, she was ahead of the game.

BUG: Mom, that's why I put it in my sports bra. See.

ME: Sweaty gross.

BUG: It won't fall out. Those things really suck you in.

ME: *blink*blink* Well, have a good practice. Love you, honey.

BUG: Bye. Be here at exactly 7:20. Don't be late.

ME: Yes, boss.

Off she went and I moved on to some yard work until it was time to pick her up. Pick up time came and I zoomed in for a landing as she came out of the gym.

BUG: You are late.

ME: I am not. You just came out.

BUG: You are supposed to be here in the parking lot like the other mothers waiting at least 10 minutes for us before it is over.

ME: For why?

BUG: Because.

Wow. The child is rigid. What a drill sergeant.

BUG: Mom, I have to tell you something.

ME: Yes?

BUG: During practice, I was working really hard and all of a sudden I felt this vibration in my boobs and it was my Fitbit and I liked panicked and I didn't know if it was going to explode or what and it was moving and I didn't now why and it felt really weird. Yeah.

ME: (laughing) It vibrates when you reach 10,000 steps.

BUG: Yeah. I Googled it.

ME: (laughing) That is the funniest thing I ever heard.

BUG: Mom, it made me feel like really weird. I was like..YAHOO! It was whirring in there. I was nervous of what is going on? And then I didn't know and stuff.

ME: (laughing) Good thing you didn't have it down your shorts.

BUG: Gross. Would that have felt weird to you, too?

ME: Oh. Sure. Sure.

BUG: Ok.

What a great idea! I could get my thrill on Blueberry Hill while I am running just by putting my Fitbit in my bra. It's cheap! It's free! It doesn't talk back. I wonder why I never thought of that. Good thing it doesn't ding at you like when the chicken is done. That would have no lasting effect.

Thanks, Fitbit!

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  1. Momma Fargo:
    Sorry, not into "fitbit"...or sports bras...LOL.

    I like the way BUG has you marching to her protocols...HA!
    (Drill Sgt indeed...yikes!)

    Cats and dogs never seem to do that, PLUS, you NEVER have to buy THEM a car OR send them to COLLEGE...!
    (not YET anyway)

    Cheap Thrill...used to be a good band (back in the day)...

    Good post.
    Happy runnin' 'n buzzin' down there, dear.