Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sugar Belly

Except for diseases and hormonal issues, my doctor said MOST OFTEN, not always, our metabolism slows down or stops from too much sugar, processsed food, preservatives, and additives. It's a breakdown in our innards. Consquently, it affects brain function as well and leads to depression, auto-immune diseases, and metabolic syndromes. It doesn't even have to be A LOT of those items being inputted into our bodies. It just depends on how it reacts.

It is no secret I contracted asthma from a meth lab house and incident on a raid. No I was not a drug addict, I was a cop.

A long time ago (2002) I had purchased a book on asthma which included information on foods and beverages which affected breathing. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Not really after you understand how food works. Well, I discussed it with my doctor in Denver who is the best respiratory doc in the world. No kidding. There are awards to prove it. She said absolutely. So here are some breathing tips:

1. Lots of water.
2. Caffinated coffee or tea (is there any other kind?)
3. Fresh uncooked green vegetables.
4. Apples

What makes breathing slow down? Things with sulfides, additives, preservatives, sugars, chemical ingredients, pastas,  and some grains. Weird, huh? Not really. It makes sense now.

I'm used to it. And because I was a non-believer of all this mish mash I tested all of it. Guess what? Duh. Doctors were right. I guess they do know something.

It's true I have been an exercise freak for quite some time and kept my manic routines up during all of this but nothing was progressing. Last fall, I had 6 months of almost nada because of my broken neck and rotator cuff issue as well. I was a miserable human being inside and out. And in denial on top of it. It is hell getting old. Bastards never told us any of this shit was going to happen.

I don't take Geratol nor any other vitamins. Nor do I need Metamucil. Maybe I could use some Ben Gay once in a while after running, but I opt for a hot pack.

I do have to supplement this regimented plan with the B-12 shots from the doctor.

So when doctor number 2 tells me I need to go all organic, I did not question this. I jumped on that pony.

Since March 20, I have lost 33 pounds and have not used my emergency inhaler. Hmm. Crazy. I packed in those pounds eating poor man's food when I was unemployed which led to a cycle I couldn't get out of nor set aside.  Plus processed foods are cheap and you would think the opposite.

I'm pretty embarassed to tell you all that.

Was I shoving sugar down my throat by massive buckets of ice cream? NO. But did you know SUGAR is in everything. It is. Read your ingredients. And if you don't know the chemical by products or other names sugar goes by, you might miss it. Scary stuff.

They put crack in our food so we buy more.

Oh yeah. I check everything. No one wants to shop or live with me. I am strict and dedicated.

Once in a while I slip a little just to show myself  NOT to do that.

Even Cadbury Creme Eggs sound gross. Crazy. I know, right?

If you keep up with the Kardashians, you would see my new pics on Facebook. I look a lot better. I feel a lot better. Old me returneth. Fuck that unhealthy nonsense. It sucked.

I have totally eliminated sugars and almost all pastas. Rarely do I eat bread and I have already mentioned what kind I buy. Funny thing is I am not as hungry. I don't crave sweets. I have energy. In a few months I get my chemistry done again to see if anything has changed. I am still fighting with Vitamin D, B12, and iron levels. Plus for some reason my protein is low despite all the protein I consume.

All this is boring to you I am sure.

So what happened today to spark this post?

Our students have graduated and it's their last day in the office. What better way to celebrate than to eat cake? Duh. I did not buy it. The bosses bought this lucious white cake with the butter cream frosting from a great bakery in town. I'm sure the frosting is made out of lard.


I had to have a piece.

I thought one little piece will be fine.


I had two little pieces which were a little cake with a lotta frosting.

I am now sick.

I told you so.

Here's a cute baby bat picture so you can say you at least got something out of these confessions of a Sugar Belly.


  1. Ok so What CAN AND DO you eat? Do you just buy a ton of celery and much all day? This is a great post telling me what NOT to eat, but does nothing to tell me what I can eat.. I hate apples so just don't even go there..

    lead on ole wise one, but since I'm not a cook, you can't just tell me what not to eat.. cause now I'm sitting here, starving, waiting for you to tell me what I can eat. Hurry the hell up hooker.. I'm starving..

  2. Queenie,
    I eat anything fresh. Which means...all frozen processed foods are out as are most canned soups and items. I have to read the labels and if they are preserved in water, salt, vinegar, or citrus...then I can eat them. I make my own peanut butter or find ones which do not have sugar in them. My doctor told me much of the problems with the weight sticking to the middle is sugar. It is in EVERYTHING. I did not realize it until I really read the entire label on products. You will see me picking out my meat very carefully and at the fresh produce section getting most of my ingredients. I have really enjoyed cooking again and will make my weekly meals on Sundays and Wednesdays. I grow my own sometimes, but really enjoy farmer's markets and going to the local orchards. After I got over the initial shock that I can't eat just anything, I find I can eat a lot of things and be normal...sometimes a little picky. I definitely cannot eat fast foods, but I do go out to eat once in a while to certain restaurants. Most times, I can find something on the menu and if all else fails I get salads with vinaigrette.

  3. MOmma Fargo:
    I've been blessed with a good (and rapid) metabolism, but I;m starting to feel life's changes (age) and that does suck.
    My get up and go gets up before I do...and promptyl bugs the hell out before I get my java-juice poured...LOL.
    I can still eat what I like, but I mix in some salads now and then.
    I cook most everything, and am very careful about added sugar to stuff.

    We do the "fast food" gig ONCE a week (it's called Wifey cooks day...LMAO).

    And I am VERY fussy about picking out meats (and fish)...I gotta check out every piece to find the "right" one.

    Sorry, I DO put MAYO on some sandwiches (on Philly I'd get hoagies with mayo AND oil...those were really good eats.
    Still, my weight remains constant (nowhere close to overweight) and where it's been for well over ten years...everything in moderation is my creed.

    Good post - glad it's working for you.

    Your roll safe down there, dear.