Thursday, July 9, 2015

Glass House, Cardboard Box!

Sometimes I feel sorry for my friends who have always lived in a box. I guess I shouldn't. They have always lived there.

I must have a bewildered look on my face at times when they talk about their lives. Their routine is the same every week. Like nailed to a cross. Maybe twice a year they alter it and take a vacation. However, the rest of the year...every day is planned out. I'm not kidding. The plan cannot be changed. It is the plan. Beat me.

I couldn't do it.

I need to live...OUTSIDE the box. Boxes are good. For packing.

Imagine my surprise when for some reason pre-paying for fuel came into our recent conversation. My friend said she has never done it in her life. Never paid in advance for gas with cash? Nope. Never.

WTF? Over.

I can't comprehend. My mind channeling will not compute.

So, I said, "You got two bucks? Let's go do it."

She would not have it. Maybe it was the two bucks worth of gas. Maybe it was going to face REAL PEOPLE. Cringe.

Also, we are 40 miles from any border and do you think she has been to Ohio or Kentucky?

So I had to break her at least into Ohio.

Camping? Nope. Not even a thought.

They don't have satin sheets there. Shudder.

So these things are not every one's cup of tea, but I just can't comprehend not trying something or even educating yourself about it. And when you live 20 miles from another state, I cannot even think you wouldn't go hop the border for a visit. Weird.

It all makes as much sense as this song from Bob The Builder. Big fish. Little fish. Cardboard Box.

It does have a little beat and I like the knee jerk dance.

Cardboard box!

I can't help it. It is so weird to me.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Or kids. Or have sex. People can see you.


  1. Momma Fargo:
    Your friend wouldn't ":per-pay" for gas...LOL.
    (never called it by that name before, either)

    Our PRE-PAY consists of going in to the cashier, tell ';em what pump number you're hanging at, then given 'em the money and go pump it in...simple.

    (we also have way too many "drive-offs" with lots of the low-information crowd...must be the old EBT card isn't accepted at the gas stations for FUEL (but ciggies are okay).

    What a world.
    Good post.

    Roll safe (and pre-paid) down there, dear.

  2. If they do not pre pay, how does she get fuel? There is no other way to do it here, or in the surrounding states as far as I know. Even our little hoedunk hanging out by the river town.. where they know you by the smell of your farts.. make us prepay..

    The Queen

  3. I think your friend is a spoiled bitch and does not deserve our company. Cut her lose.